i think i am going to switch my verbage up… instead of saying, “have a good night,” i’m going to start saying, “have the night you deserve.”

- the Rooskie

sometimes life is all forks and no spoons.

- the Rooskie

seriously, Daylight Savings Time, go f*k yourself. I apologize in advance for my excessive tardiness… yeah, I know it’s “spring forward” but I’m still gonna be late. #NotMyFault

- the Rooskie 

what if Cali Swag District never taught me how to Dougie?

- the Rooskie 


DIY tutu, in royal / white / silver / silver glitter with white EL wire

R2-D2 perler bead bow

R2d2 top from ThinkGeek

Blue/white Lacoste shoes

Halloween City and Hobby Lobby for all costume accessories, ribbon and tulle

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